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An ugly rumour is doing the rounds on Glencairn Island. A big city developer intends to build a bridge across from the mainland. No way!


The kids of the Fabulous Island Film Unit are up for the fight, and their weapon will be the video they make for Youtube to showcase the importance of leaving the island an island!


Unfortunately, they have no idea how hard Dwayne Slew, Sales Supremo of Ugject Developments,will fight them, even to using a little kidnapping! 

Xanthe, a girl always running ahead of herself to prove she’s worthwhile organizes the resistance. But if Xanthe, Zoran, Jack and the Summers twins (Honey & Angel) are to use the scary old mansion around on the dark side of Glencairn as their chosen film set, they must first find out if it’s really haunted. 

The Fabs take a trip to the forbidden cliffs, where they meet the mysterious old sea captain Lars Lindquist, his cat Pi*Wackitt, and others like him who will join the fight to save Glencairn. Problem is; these characters are from another century!  


Welcome to my world of words. 

If you enjoy reading my books as much as I loved writing them then we’re off to a good start. There’s my new children’s chapter book, "No Bridge, No Way!"; a 2010 memoir, "Sheer Madness; sex, lies and politics:; a new memoir, "Pilgrim Souls"; a brand new edition of my 2012 novel, "Goodbye Lullaby"; and "Write Now!", a way into creative writing ... a free pdf download. And there's a new adult novel blossoming in the works.

Happy reading, happy days!