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Media Personality

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Jan’s first foray into television was in 1972 when she won a nationally televised quest,

The Lovely Motherhood Quest.


With this, came the chance to appear on a popular

children’s morning show.

She was then invited to become a regular guest on the

Mike Walsh Midday Show on Channel Ten.


She continued this role when the Midday Show

with Ray Martin moved to Channel Nine.


She was one of the most popular guests

to appear on the long-running Midday Show.


Jan gained a national profile – and a certain notoriety –

when she appeared on 60 Minutes in the late eighties,

describing a particular aspect of Canberra’s parliamentary night life.


For a decade, she was a highly popular and controversial panelist on Channel Ten/Foxtel’s Beauty & the Beast.

She has past experience as a talk-back radio host on 2KY and 2GB, filling in for Ron Casey and John Laws, respectively.


Jan has intimate knowledge of the Australian political scene, a highly developed interest in current affairs and a love of the arts. She also has a way with words.

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Jan spent a decade on national TV as a controversial panellist on the daytime show, “Beauty & the Beast”​.
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