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Having previously been published in the traditional way, I’m excited these days to be participating in the world of independent book publishing, a new and dynamic era, one where author and reader come together with no middleman (or woman) in between. I write. You read. And if the Fates are aligned, we shall make magic!​

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Pilgrim Souls




Life often turns on the flip of a coin. That’s how it was for the author, who tells her story of a chance meeting at a roundabout in Byron Bay in 1997 that changed her life forever.


This is an absorbing and provocative memoir that asks us not to judge, but to think. Written with the same gusto that made Jan Murray a controversial but popular TV personality for many years, one who relished tackling serious social issues, and who wasn’t shy about offering her opinions, her story will stay with the reader long after closing the last page.


Book clubs will relish this memoir – full of events and yarns that are often funny, often poignant, but always engaging, a story full of raw emotions and thought-provoking ideas. A page turner. We need to know where the roller coaster ride will end. 

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No Bridge, No Way!

(Also available on audio)


First story in Children's Series



“By Friday morning it was no longer just a rumour. The Island was buzzing with the news and a bunch of kids on Glencairn was ready for the fight.”


“Afraid, but not too afraid if it meant recovering his board and his little brother, Zoran shook his head to clear the fog and crept closer and closer to the hollow log.”


“They could see that the worst of the storm was about to hit! In one direction, they would be swept out to sea. In the other, they would be smashed against the rocks.

‘We’re in trouble, Zanth,’ said Jacko. ‘Big trouble.’ “

Goodbye Lullaby 

 Revised Edition of 2012 publication



Miki Patrick is a dangerous woman. As a vocal anti-war activist assisting draft dodgers, Miki is on the run from the Federal Police. It’s 1971. The days of the infamous Vietnam Birthday Lottery. As the numbered marbles roll around in the barrel, Australia holds its breath. No one more so than Miki.


In 1951, the sixteen-year-old and her best friend, rebellious, potty-mouthed Jude Brenner, make a pact when they decide that together, they can rare Miki’s ‘illegitimate’ baby son. Full of bravado, they hit the road, only to find they are ill-prepared for the hardships and hypocrisy of life in the Outback. On a night worse than others, their pact collapses in bitterness and recriminations, leaving Miki to make a heartbreaking decision.


It will take one particular marble being drawn from the barrel in 1971 to bring the two women together again, now in a desperate race against time to find their somewhere child.

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The Writer is You
A free PDF download for the aspiring writer
If you have a BIG IDEA and follow these essential elements of creative writing, you’re on your way. All that’s left is for you to find the time, and the determination. Inspiration + craft = writer ... and the writer is you.
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